Work Samples/FAQ

  1. What is link building?

Some companies may not have their own blog (which is a mistake), but still want to take advantage of the power of content marketing. Link building is publishing high-quality content on third-party websites/blogs that incorporates links to your website. This is a fast (but difficult) strategy to get your company on the first or second page in Google searches for certain keywords.

Here is an article (with byline) by Brian that was written for floral company FTD. The company wanted a content campaign that boosted their Google ranking for the term “buying flowers.” The website Yogi Times received a free, high-quality piece of content (“3 ways yoga can improve your relationship“) that gives valuable information to their readers. FTD got a reference link (see the “buying flowers” link) in the article that directs readers to their website. Google “buying flowers” and FTD comes up #4 as of publishing thanks to these types of articles.

Brian did a 10-article campaign for Moody’s Analytics to get them ranked for the words “bank stress testing.” The articles were published on financial and news blogs. A few examples from this campaign:

Precious Metals: The effect on QE tapering on gold and silver.”

The evolution of CPI since Reagan.”

Women in banking: Janet Yellen continuing the trend.”

Notice two things: 1) all of these article were published in late January or in February 2014 when the campaigned launched and 2) all have links to Moody’s Analytics website with the anchor text “bank stress testing” or some variant. Google “bank stress testing.” Moody’s Analytics, which before the campaign showed up on the 9th and 10th pages, is now #4 on the first page as of publishing.

2. Does Content Coup do link building?

The simple answer is yes. We specialize in blog content for company website, but link building is a natural part of SEO writers’ jobs. Clients will be reminded to exercise patience with these types of campaigns.

3. Do you interview industry experts and other people to get first-hand quotes in articles and/or blog content?

Yes. Here are a couple of examples (with bylines) from my client Local Motors.

New Local Motors research demonstrated advantages, challenges of 3D-printing vehicles.”

Startup form Airmap taking control of modern air traffic.”

4. Does Content Coup build websites?

The short answer is no. However Content Coup specializes in blog content for both B2B and B2C companies. Content Coup is however familiar enough with HTML and CSS, along with being highly experienced with WordPress, to create a new blog for you from scratch. NOTE: upwards of 60% of all websites online are built on the WordPress platform. Many major websites, including CNN, New York Post and USA Today, use WordPress.

5. Can you guarantee results?

There are no guarantees when it comes to SEO. What Content Coup can guarantee is that traffic to your website WILL increase once you make the decision to invest in content. I want to emphasize the word INVEST. Content marketing is a long-term investment that provides perpetual advertising for your company long after the blog post, article, etc. is published. Content Coup can guarantee if your website was getting about 1,000 hits per month without a blog, and you sign up for the KING PACKAGE of 20 blog posts for one month, that number will double at the very least. It will likely grow three and even five-fold, particularly by incorporating social media to the overall campaign.

6. How do you deliver content?

There are many ways this can be gone. Google Docs is the most common way to deliver your content to you. Your content can also be written on a Word (or Open Office) document and emailed to you. I can also create the content directly in your CMS platform.

7. What forms of payment do you accept?

Direct Paypal-to-Paypal transfers are the preferred method. Content Coup also accepts credit cards via Paypal, but a 3% surcharge will apply as this is the amount Paypal deducts for such transactions. Pre-printed checks drawn from large banks (Wells Fargo, B of A or Chase) are also acceptable and can be mailed to our business address. Keep in mind, the content creation process will not start until the check is cashed. Hand-written checks are accepted in some cases as well.

8. Why are your prices so much lower than content marketing firms?

Simple. Far less overhead. Content Coup is a sole proprietorship run by Mr. Brian A. Wilkins from his home offices. He enlists former colleagues from previous jobs as freelance editors and outreach personnel. Brian also loves writing, researching, SEO and smiles on clients’ faces when they see results. There’s no need to gouge clients for something you love doing.

Some firms hire in-house content strategists/writers. The average salary is between $81,000 and $115,000, not including the costs associated with healthcare and other benefits. Content Coup can provide you a high-quality blog post every business day for an entire year, for far less than even the low range of a salaried content strategist.

9. Can you travel to our office and work in-house for a while to get a feel for our company culture?

This can be arranged in certain cases.

10. How is the subject-matter of blog posts determined?

This is part of the content strategy process. Though we’ll come up with most of the headlines and corresponding content, our conversations with you will also help determine the content’s direction. The content strategy will always include a mixture of evergreen, trending and instruction/self-help content to give your blog balance and authority.

11. Are Content Coup articles ghostwritten or will they have Brian Wilkins’ byline?

This is your choice. Some clients want a mixture of byline and ghostwritten article (which of course you can attach your name or one of your employees’ names to it). Some want them all ghostwritten; others want them all with bylines. Its entirely up to you. Content Coup will request your permission to list you as a client if all work is ghostwritten and will request a LinkedIn recommendation.

12. How can I learn more about Brian A. Wilkins?

Here is Brian’s Contently page and ClearVoice profile with more content samples. Brian started his career in broadcast journalism in the 1990s and moved into content marketing in the late 2000s. He has worked for some of the top content marketing firms in the country, including ClearVoice and Vertical Measures. Brian is the textbook definition of a minimalist. He lives on a remote farm in Colorado that is solar and wind-powered. He enjoys fishing, bowling, football, fitness and traveling. When he’s not on the farm, he’s traversing the country in his RV or campervan, both of which have home offices also powered by solar and wind energy. His favorite places to write are the beaches of southern California and the high mountains of Wyoming and Colorado.