Why Content Coup vs. Marketing Agency?

Most content marketing agencies do not advertise their prices online, or at least don’t fully disclose all costs associated with their services. But many provide information that helps you determine what content marketing theoretically costs.

Some marketing companies break it down to a process of research, strategy, development (writing), optimization, promotion, etc. In that scenario when its all said-and-done (including the agency contracting with a freelancer to actually write the content), the cost is well north of $1,000 per article.

Other companies charge monthly fees for access to their systems that provides readily-available freelancers and other services. But the client still must pay the writer for completed content, on top of the monthly access fees that exceed thousands of dollars in some cases.

There are also companies that charge as little as $300 per month (billed annually at $3,600/year) for five blog posts per month. The catch is that the writers are being paid as little as $.02 per word. You ultimately get what you pay for when it comes to content. A $14 blog post saves you money in the short-term. But content full of attribution errors, plagiarism, false information, and any number of other issues reflects directly on your brand.

Its commonly accepted that the low-end cost to hire a professional writer for one high-quality 500-750 word article is around $200 or about $0.25-$.30 per word. That $200 investment buys you a piece of internet real estate that will continue to drive traffic to your website in perpetuity. Beware of content marketing firms with prices that seem too good to be true. Demand Media was one of the first successful “content farms” online until word-of-mouth regarding the low-quality, junk content it produced, forced the company to change its name and operations.

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Content Coup streamlines the content creation process (SEO analysis, strategy, research, creation and distribution) because all of it is done by the writer. Once there is a good understanding of your brand strategy, content goals, social media personality, and publishing platform, the writer creates a calendar and the process begins.

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There are no hidden fees or long-term commitments. If you need five articles about your upcoming summer sale, we can do that. If you want 20 articles per month for three months to give your business and blog a fast, major boost to its online reputation and presence, we can do that. Content marketing firms ultimately hire freelancers to create your content or take a percentage of what you pay the writer. That means you’re pay for both the writer and the fees associated with the agency for access to said writers. Content Coup cuts out the middle man and passes those savings on to you.

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