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Self-Representation is your right

The Sixth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees all defendants in U.S. courts the right to competent counsel. Whether its confidence in oneself or inability to pay thousands of dollars in retainer fees for lawyers, many Americans choose to represent themselves in both civil court proceedings. The United States Supreme Court ruled in Faretta v. California, 422 U.S. 806 (1975), that this right even extends to criminal proceedings. Most small claims courts disallow lawyers altogether, leaving inexperienced and indigent plaintiffs and petitioners no other choice but to represent themselves.

A large majority of lawsuits and other civil litigation end without anyone ever stepping foot in court, or in front of a judge. The key to self-representation is knowing all the rules and procedures to properly advance your case through a deliberately-convoluted system and towards the goal. Content Coup Legal Services provides personal, one-on-one legal writing and research services that help you prepare for your case*. We are Limited Licensed Legal Technicians (LLLTs) and provides clients the resources to execute their pro se endeavors.

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We listen to all the details of your case, perform the necessary research, provide you the rules of procedure and case law, and provide step-by-step instructions in plain English so you have a functional knowledge of the court system. We can help with small claims, federal/state civil rights cases, wrongful termination, divorce, eviction, criminal appeals, habeas corpus, and more.

Content Coup prepares you to represent yourself efficiently and within your budget. We are your personalized self-help solution. Contact us today with the details of your legal matter.

Content Coup also does legal research and writing for attorneys and law firms.

*Content Coup is not a law firm. We are paralegals, LLLTs, legal researchers and legal writers who cannot and do not represent you in court. This site is not intended to create attorney-client relationships, and by contacting Content Coup, no attorney-client relationship is created with Content Coup. You are representing yourself in any legal matter you undertake. We assist you with legal research, rules of procedure, and filing instructions.

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